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The club Veterans' championship (for Men aged 45 and over and Ladies aged 40 and over) was instigated in 1984. Apart from a seven year break between 1997 and 2003 the tournament has been held every year since. The Ladies tournament was held spasmodically and ceased in 1996 due to a shortage of eligible ladies.

VETERANS' CHAMPIONS                                        

Year           Winner                  Runner Up                                 Ladies Winner                Ladies Runner-up
1984          Gordon Little         Henry Cooper                             Mary Land                     Gabrielle Woodward
1985          Gordon Little         Bob Morgan                                Mary Land.                    Rita Bryant
1986          Gordon Little                                                            Mary Land
1987          Nick Amis              Gordon Little                              Mary Land
1988          Neil Batchelor         Nick Amis                                                    Not contested
1989          Nick Amis              Neil Batchelor                             Gwen Braybrook             Rosemary Frior
1990          Nick Amis               Neil Batchelor                            Gwen Braybrook             Diane Booth
1991          Barry Dennis           Nick Amis                                  Judy Long                      Gwen Braybrook
1992          Nick Amis                                                                 Judy Long                       Gwen Braybrook
1993          Giles Margarson      Neil Batchelor                                               Not contested
1994          Giles Margarson      Nick Amis                                                     Not contested
1995          Giles Margarson      Chris Burton-Pye                                          Not contested
1996          Giles Margarson      Barry Starling                            Sue Read                       Ann Keysell
1997-2003       Tournament not held
2004          Kim Payne            Jim Russon
2005          Alan Harper
2006          Alan Harper           Jim Russon
2007          David Jones           Paul Roebuck
2008          Paul Roebuck         Henri Paul
2009          Alan Harper           Gary Spruce
2010          Henri Paul             Alec Burrows
2011          Henri Paul             Alan Harper
2012          Alec Burrows         Henri Paul
2013          Matt Copeman      John Baker
2014          John Baker           John Chandler
2015          John Baker           Gary Spruce

2016          Stephen Watts       John Baker

2017          John Baker             Philip Godfrey