Biggest Tennis Tournaments

Biggest Tennis Tournaments

Sunday, it will be off to the tennis edition of Roland-Garros. As much fun as it is for tennis lovers, the second Grand Slam tournament of the season, after the Australian Open, and the first sports betting chance for gambling enthusiasts, remains the least attended of the four. So while you are preparing to watch the exciting games, make sure to check all available options for online sports betting. Many sites claim to have the best deals for you, but none compare to – one of the best online casinos. This is the top online establishment in the UK, offering great betting options, casino games, and many promotions and bonuses. Everything you need to know about the most popular competitions on the planet.

Australian Open, the hottest

Attendance: 720 363 spectators

Created: 1905

Most titled player: Novak Djokovic (6)

Some years, you can cook a flat egg from the court! With temperatures as high as 40 °C, The Australian Open is known to be the hottest tennis tournament on the circuit. It is now also the most popular. With 720,363 spectators in 2016, the Australian Open surpassed the US Open for the first time. Tennis Australia, the event manager, made great efforts for the comfort of the visitors, with the support of the main sponsor, Kia. Melbourne Park was the first site in the Grand Slam to install a retractable roof. The tournament’s turnover is around € 200 million. It popular among the online casinos that offer sports betting. Betting on sports escalated to gigantic proportions and is widespread globally. Many different casino trends and promotions made even more attractive the online sports betting, especially inventing the no deposit bonuses. The NodepositBonus-UK site will guide you through the essentials and show you why UK online casinos are the best choice. Like its competitors, it has increased the players’ allocations, almost doubling since 2007. Novak Djokovic won 2.4 million euros in January with his sixth local title.

US Open, the most cheerful

Attendance: 691,280 spectators

Created: 1881

Players with the most titles: Jimmy Connors, Roger Federer and Pete Sampras (5)

Wouldn’t the administrators of the US Open Website have had the time, or the heart, to update their data? They continue to boast of “the biggest sporting event in the world” as Melbourne does better. While the Flushing Meadows tournament remains the most joyful in the Grand Slam, with its musical entertainment, attractions, and availability to download the mobile casino app for live betting, its attendance (691,280 visitors) fell in 2015. The 2009 record (721,059) is receding, although ticketing revenues exceed $ 100 million on revenue of $ 250 million. To conquer a new audience, 500 million were invested, including retractable roofs on the courts Arthur-Ashe and Louis-Armstrong. The Grandstand will be replaced in 2018 by a court surrounded by 8,000 seats. While Amex, Emirates, and JP Morgan remain the main sponsors, it is time to diversify the second-tier sponsors (Lavazza coffee, Oreo biscuits, Jacob’s Creek Australian wines).

Wimbledon, the most prestigious

Attendance: 484,391 spectators

Created: 1877

Players with the most titles: Roger Federer, and Pete Sampras (7)

The oldest tennis tournament remains a major event with more than 1 billion viewers in over 200 countries. And a business that works: its turnover exceeds 215 million euros. Wimbledon is the top choice for the betting audience. And where will you find the best betting odds if not at the top-rated no deposit UK online casinos at website? Besides the free bonuses, they will offer you tips from experts on how to bet on tennis. The only professional tournament run by a club, the very select All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Wimbledon has an incomparable charm – dress code “almost exclusively white” on an impeccable turf-and its quirks. Thus, to determine the series heads, he mixes the ATP Ranking and the field results of the last twelve months. Evian, HSBC, IBM… the thirteen partners are generally stable, with some newcomers (Stella Artois, Jaguar). Temple of attack tennis, Wimbledon offers, besides the prestige, a beautiful endowment to the winner: 2.5 million euros in 2015.

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